Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Listen up... must read!!!

Listen I know how boring it is to read but read the right things, wake up and realize that our generation is in big trouble if we don't wake up.  Our goverment has plans for us you can't imagine and if we don't educate oursleves now, our children may not exist.  Know what the future holds, read my blog and the news that I post and I promise to keep you updated on real news.... Stop playing the xbox 360, playstation, nintendo and all of what has been created just to keep us in a state of slumber, get on  and read, its the only way that  our generation can stop whats being planned to end us.

I don't like to read much either but I do read what's on infowars, Alex Jones and his listeners are fighting for us, all of us and what he's saying is pretty shocking.  Please check it out for yourselves.

Generation Y

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