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Wednesday, August 18, 2010



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Today was indeed a very sad day for democracy and a truly disgraceful day for the credibility of Congress. When will the world stand up to this most undemocratic country, the United States of America and its partner in crime Israel?

As one could imagine congress will now push Obama to reject the Goldstone Report and no doubt this will then follow its normal format into the Security Council where the US will veto the entire document and add it to the hundreds of resolutions that Israel has ignored to date.

It is blatantly obvious that both Israel and the US are looking for another war in the Middle East. If one could even imagine WW3 centred on the Middle East with today’s weaponry that have the ability to write off the entire region, including the possible instigators themselves (Israel). I guess the US would even possibly use Israel as a pawn or sacrificial lamb to meet their own economic targets. If we can recall it was Netanyahu who once said in the lead up to the Israeli election that next time we go into Gaza we will remain until Hamas has been removed. On top of this we have the darling of the US, Hilary Clinton keeping the full pressure on Iran (even though the IAEA team are currently there checking). The entire attitude of President Obama and the Government are showing clear signs of the same old aggressive foreign policy.

Again we have to look into the background as to why these “Iron Fist” aggressors appear to be pushing for another conflict. It is obvious that as far as the energy world is concerned the US and its allies are acutely embarrassed that they have no control over the vast resources of Iran. It is also fact that they oppose the proposed Iranian pipeline (IPI) that will bring oil/gas directly in Pakistan and possibly into India, which is in direct competition with their own Proposed TAPI pipeline in Afghanistan (yes you guessed correctly the war is all about oil) . Then we have the issue of the large gas reserves sitting in offshore Gaza that Israel so painfully want to acquire. Some years ago the head of the IDF once stated that Hamas had to be removed in order to drill for these resources.

Why is it that we, the general public, cannot see through this false façade of deceit. It they remove Hamas they can then move forward with their illegal puppet Abbas and get these natural resources moving. Not as that makes any difference anyway because Israel is already in the process of siphoning off Gaza’s gas………where did we hear that before? Wasn’t that the case in Kuwait when they siphoned off Iraqi reserves which directly resulted in an attack on Kuwait and lead to the current Iraq situation?

We continue to be blinded by our illustrious leaders about the so called wars of democracy, how we must strengthen our resolve in keeping up the fight in Iraq, Afghanistan or soon maybe Pakistan in order to make the streets of the US and Britain safe from terrorism. What absolute baloney!! When you see Obama go out in the early hours to meet the returned dead and when you continuously here Brown in the British Parliament start his day by saying how saddened he his to learn of the death of another five brave gallant soldiers and that his thoughts are with their loved ones etc etc……..this must be the most orchestrated PR exercise that continues to be played out on the screens of our TV’s…….do we ever consider that they all look upon the troops like Kissinger did when he said “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Do we, the blind public, ever think about the fact that our respective governments continue to use weapons containing uranium components that not only kill innocent people worldwide, on a massive scale, but also kills their own troops. Do they tell these brave men that if they go to war “If the Taliban don’t get you our DU will”?……Do those same leaders ever tell the troops that this is all in the name of economic greed (Oil and Gas) or to prop up the price of a barrel of oil?

Do they tell you that they ignored the plea from the Pakistan Army (who are fiercely fighting Al Queda and their associates) that they want US support on the other side of the border in Afghanistan in order to box them in? Do we understand that they told us this war was all about Al Queda and yet they are not making any attempt to back up Pakistan? Don’t you think it is rather strange that the area adjacent to this hot bed of fighting has never been visited for almost three years by the US forces (oh sorry a small US squad did spend two days there recently). Could we ever imagine that the Pakistan Army could now push Al Queda back over the border into Afghanistan and allow the whole cycle to start again?

I beg the people of America, Britain and Europe to read between the lines and see our government for what they are. Take note that all the troops in Afghanistan are dying along the route of the proposed pipeline i.e. Italian, US, UK and Canadian troops……just look at the figures and ask your political representatives why?

So back to the impoverished people of Palestine……how can they sustain this heroic stance against the might of Israel and the US? How can the United Nations and we the world continue to watch this mass genocide? How can the United Nations and the world continue to allow our respective military to use Uranium based weapons?

Then we come back to the G3.5 (US, UK France and little old Merkel) continuing to apply pressure on Iran and then the G20 headed by the US (as usual) pushing aggressively for a ban on nuclear weapons. This is an absolute joke. Of course they want to ban the huge nuclear deterrents otherwise known as Ballistic Missiles but do we really understand what is going on here?

Nuclear missiles are exactly what they say they are “Nuclear deterrents”…they have never been used and only served as a threat/deterrent. On the other hand with see a re classification of so called “Conventional Weapons” being designed to carry the US and others nuclear waster (DU/EU). We see strong progressive new generations of weapons emerging that are even more deadly than the larger nuclear weapons. These “Mini Nukes” have the ability to not only do a very effective job on the so called enemy (Those that own the huge natural resources) but also have the ability to “Depopulate in mass”. Could we ever imagine that currently many of the Islamic populations are so badly contaminated that one could question whether it is possible for them to have a natural DNA anymore?

We have done this in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and now Pakistan. That same contamination is now spreading at an alarming rate into cross border Pakistan, India, Himalayas (the birthplace of major Asian rivers), China, Thailand, Malaysia. Singapore Indonesia and beyond. It is also generating itself around the globe on the wind until it eventually is rained out onto the soils of our respective countries. If one can relate to Chernobyl and how its contamination spread around Europe, then we must fully understand that these new “Mini Nukes” have the potential to make Chernobyl look insignificant by comparison.

Let’s also look at another thermometer for war when we look at the price of oil. It appears that every time the oil price plummets the US goes onto a war footing in order to bring the oil price back up. It would also be true to say that whenever the popularity of any leader starts to fail, they start a war to rally their people into a patriotic frenzy and “Hey presto job done”.

We cannot leave this story without talking about the next generation of “Robotic Wars” where a person can sit in his armchair in the US and play with his/her computer game and control a UAV over Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan (and likewise the Israelis). These UAV can carry Hellfire Missiles and Bunker Busters and all at the hands of one person who is not in the theatre of war. These UAV’s have accounted for the death of many innocent civilians and in some respects could be considered illegal indiscriminate weapons. In Pakistan they have already been responsible for nearly 700 civilians all at the hands of a person in the US who controls the “Drones” attack.

If the general public ever had the opportunity to visit the research and development weapons establishments in the US and Europe. I can assure you all that the research you observe would leave you feelings terribly sick. We have new high tech weapons and systems on the horizon that one could never imagine. They stem from the so called “Mother of all bombs” to “Hyper speed missiles” to “Star war weaponry” “HARP” and an assortment of Electro/Magnetic/Acoustic physiological type weapons the list is endless. One could assume that mind control would be an elementary task for these mad professors.

Finally we come back to the current time when we again see the power and strength of the Israeli lobby almost ridicule the UN, US and Europe into violating whatever it so chooses. We saw Livni rush over the pond to meet with Rice on her last day in office to sign a MOU. This MOU promised Israel the military security of the Eastern Mediterranean by both US naval forces but also that of NATO. I again ask the question what has NATO got to do with Israel?

One must look at the evil intentions behind American foreign policy that remains aggressively unchanged. Remember Bush’s words “an enemy to one is an enemy to all”. In the past the United States has stood out alone as an aggressive military power and it was Bush himself who realised that if this term could be expanded he could pull in other countries into almost any US conflict. This was carefully manipulated in the Gulf when suddenly the term “US forces” changed into a new terminology of “We and our NATO Allies”. The Afghan war suddenly changed from US/British led invasion to a total NATO war. The US once again carefully manipulated the UN Security Council (which it controls) into approving this full scale war. It assumed an incredible title the “International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) where the term US led was dropped and became a NATO-led security and development mission in Afghanistan (established by the United Nations Security Council).

I find it absurd that the term “Security Assistance” was used when in actual fact this is a full scale war. Likewise, the term “Development Mission” is equally as absurd when no development has taken place apart from a major highway between Herat and Kandahar…..this so happens to be the route for the TAPI pipeline that will run alongside this highway……..”Are we all starting to get the true picture now”?

We now have a situation whereby senior staff at NATO are visiting Israel and wishing to carry out joint exercises. This is a clear indication that Israeli now has NATO supporting it as well as the US and one could well see the day when Israel becomes a member. Can one imagine how such manipulation works? Imagine Turkey is a member of NATO (currently on tender hooks with Israel) and then we may see Israel join the fold……interesting hey?

This year also saw further manipulation by the US in trying to include oil and gas installations and transport routes coming under the protective umbrella of NATO this in reality means that any attack on a NATO country facility could constitute an attack on all.

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